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Wood veneer door for sale in lahore

Modern House, Modern Layout Doors:

Nowadays, a lot of house owners are looking for something new and unique as well as house built on modern map. The first step of decoration is start from modern and unique design of door inside your new modern house. We are providing a special design with better layout structure for all doors of rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Unique Designs in Quality Veneer:

We are also designed a sharp quality wood veneer doors for modern houses. We are specially used wood veneer in our all modern designs with many different colors and patterns, also on demands / requirements by the client. Our company is also provides extra modern designs by the special use of glass. Our material specially import from South Korean, through top exporter companies who involved in providing a high quality furniture products to all over the world leading manufacturers of furniture.

Products Details:

Type: Doors
Products Nos: AWV-DR-01 to AWV-DR-020
Basic Material: Wood, Veneer
Special Usage: Wood Veneer (High Quality USA Import) and other on demand
Product color: Basic Colors like White, Red, Brown and many other colors check on visit
Finishing Feature: Neat & Clean, Sharp and Attractive Look, Water-proof , Scratch-proof
Delivery Time: 10 Days to 15 Days

Contact us for more details at 0322-4706522 / 0332-4143992

Photo Gallery

Product No: AWV-DR-01

Product No: AWV-DR-02

Product No: AWV-DR-03

Product No: AWV-DR-04

Product No: AWV-DR-05

Product No: AWV-DR-06

Product No: AWV-DR-07

Product No: AWV-DR-08

Product No: AWV-DR-09

Product No: AWV-DR-10

Product No: AWV-DR-11

Product No: AWV-DR-12

Product No: AWV-DR-13

Product No: AWV-DR-14

Product No: AWV-DR-15

Product No: AWV-DR-16

Product No: AWV-DR-17

Product No: AWV-DR-18

Product No: AWV-DR-19

Product No: AWV-DR-20